Your Quality of Life Counts

Bring to us your life challenges. We provide solutions.

caregiver and senior man playing tabletThe joy we find in seeing the lives of our senior residents improve is priceless. We understand that every individual has a unique set of needs. That is why we tailor our healthcare program and assistance to fit our residents’ unique needs. From meal preparation to the facilitation of recreational activities, our services are targeted to provide not only quality care, but also a quality way of living.

Come home to us. Come home to a family where you are given not just the quality care you require, but also the love and home you deserve.

Our proficient and dedicated staff members are trained to cater to every need of our senior residents. Our personalized care programs are designed for the betterment of each of our senior residents’ lives. Aside from providing a warm and welcoming environment, our services also include:

Board and Care

three women smilingAre you having trouble getting in and out of the bathroom or shower? Are you uncertain of the nutrients your meal might or might not have at home? Do you keep forgetting to take your medication on time? Are laundry, groceries, and other chores becoming more difficult to accomplish? Are changing clothes and grooming becoming more of a hassle? Is the loneliness of being isolated kicking in?

Our Assisted Living Home is a place where people who cannot safely live on their own go either to recover or spend the rest of their lives. We turn your retirement expectations into reality by providing 24/7 care from our skilled nurses and a place of safety and security that feels like home.

Our amenities include:

  • Fully furnished rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Dining hall
  • Bathrooms with hand grips/grab bars for safety
  • Common lounge/living area
  • Entertainment room
  • Welcome area to receive visitors
  • Security systems (fire alarms, sprinklers, and intruder alarms)
  • Welcoming Front Lawn and Porch area for lounging
  • Backyard garden for afternoon walks and relaxation

Would you like to see our place for yourself? We can set-up a tour for you. Just call 443-470-2623.

Meal Preparation (therapeutic or modified diets, as prescribed by our dietitian)

caregiver giving food to the old manIn your golden years, getting the balanced and right amount of nutrition is important. At this stage, grocery shopping and cooking can be difficult, or meals just aren’t as fun to eat when you are alone.

With our licensed dietitians and nutritionists, we assure our residents that they get the right amount of vitamins and minerals in every scrumptious meal we serve. Our residents can also enjoy the company of the whole family in our classy, well-maintained dining hall. Our meals include:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Supper
  • Snacks

For inquiries, dial 443-470-2623.

Round-the-Clock Nursing Care

caregiver comforting senior womanT & J Home Health Care Services, Inc. offers the highest standards of 24-hour care in our very own Assisted Living Home. In order to promote optimum health, safety, and the overall well-being of residents, our care program is structured to provide 24-hour housing, health care, and personal care services.

Within a day, our fun-filled programs include:

  • Healthy Meals and Snacks
  • Stimulating Exercises
  • Recreational Activities
  • Social Events
  • Day-to-Day Health Monitoring
  • Individual Personal Care
  • Games and Quizzes

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Pharmacy Services

caregiver and senior man smilingOur pharmacy services are available 7 days a week. With our organized prescription management, our residents need not worry about missing a dose or going out to get a refill. We have personnel responsible for overseeing the medication needs of each individual resident at our Assisted Living Home.

We also have an established detailed patient-based medication administration system in order to ensure the right medication, dosage, and time of administration for every patient.

You can meet and talk with our resident pharmacists to be sure that you get the highest quality of medication and prescription drugs under our watch.

Set an appointment now. Please call 443-470-2623.

Medication Reminders

caregiver giving medicines to the old womanAlong with our Pharmacy Services, our established medication distribution and administration system include medication reminders. Our highly trained caregivers will personally tend to each and every resident to make sure that the right medication is taken at the right time with the right dosage.

Not only do our Pharmacy Services cover medication management, they also deal with the contraindications and possible food-to-drug compatibility. Our licensed resident pharmacists are available 24/7 to monitor medication administration and distribution.

Understand the essentials of our medication management by calling 443-470-2623.

Medical Supplies and Equipment

arm blood pressureMost of our residents with both minor and major healthcare needs rely on medical equipment.

With us, you can find an extensive selection of quality patient aids. There is no need for our residents to bring or purchase medical supplies and equipment. We provide them ourselves. Our medical supplies include:

  • Healthcare Devices for the Disabled
  • Diabetic Supplies
  • Monitors and Meters
  • Orthopedics and Prosthetics
  • Mobility Aids
  • Personal Aids
  • And More

Should you have any questions for us, just dial 443-470-2623.

Laundry and Linen Changes

caregiver holding bed linensHere at our Assisted Living Home, we believe that the best way for our residents to start each day is by waking up in a clean bed and with clean and fresh clothes. Our trained caregivers will make sure that your bed and clothes are freshly laundered and pressed. Generally, they:

  • Clean and change the bed linens and sheets
  • Clean and change clothes
  • Assist with grooming and in changing clothes
  • Assist in sorting and organizing clothes

We completely take care of our residents. Live with us now. Please call 443-470-2623 to set an appointment.

Light Housekeeping

caregiver assisting senior woman washing the dishesOne important factor we focus on in our daily operation of care within our Assisted Living Home is maintaining a clean and hygienic home environment all the time. We believe that by doing this, we are able to help promote health and wellness to our residents.

Under our roof, our residents receive the domestic and personal attention of a professional caregiver. We make sure that by giving assistance, we also promote our clients’ sense of independence. The daily assistance we provide gives a huge impact on our residents’ daily pursuit of happiness and comfort.

Inquire now by calling 443-470-2623.

Daily Living Assistance

two caregivers and senior woman smilingOn a daily basis, our trained caregivers and skilled nurses provide not just assistance to our residents, but also companionship and comfort. Along with meal preparation and personal aid, we also provide daily activities and events for our dear residents to enjoy each day of their stay with us.

Our daily living assistance includes:

  • Meal Preparation
  • Bathing, Grooming, and Hygiene
  • Physical Exercises
  • Medication Management
  • Social Activities
  • Laundry and Linen Changes

Come and visit us. Please call 443-470-2623.

Recreational Activities Facilitation (motivational, social, and interactive activities)

senior couple playing badmintonMost of you may ask what’s there to do all day in an Assisted Living Home. Well, here’s how T & J Home Health Care Services, Inc. answers that. Among seniors, we believe that participation in meaningful activities can fight off depression, a common risk of long-term care living. This is why we offer engaging activities that promote cognitive and social stimulation. These activities surely help lessen loneliness and vent frustrations. Generally, our programs include:

  • Fitness and Sports Activities
  • Personalized Wellness Programs
  • Fine Arts and Music Clubs
  • Performing Arts Workshops
  • Pet Therapy
  • Continuing-Education Programs
  • Tech Assistance
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • And more

Experience exciting activities and a high quality of living with us. Please call 443-470-2623 to set an appointment.