A Charming Place for Your Golden Years

senior couple playing badmintonMost of you may ask what’s there to do all day in an Assisted Living Home. Well, here’s how T & J Home Health Care Services, Inc. answers that.

Among seniors, we believe that participation in meaningful activities can fight off depression, a common risk of long-term care living. This is why we offer engaging activities that promote cognitive and social stimulation. These activities surely help lessen loneliness and vent frustrations. Generally, our programs include:

  • Fitness and Sports Activities
  • Personalized Wellness Programs
  • Fine Arts and Music Clubs
  • Performing Arts Workshops
  • Pet Therapy
  • Continuing-Education Programs
  • Tech Assistance
  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • And more

Experience exciting activities and a high quality of living with us. Please call 443-470-2623 to set an appointment.